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The red roses signifies the path of universal enjoy as well as the white lilies The trail of internal purification. The conqueror would like a cheerful earth and is performing his portion for this. At the same time he is also focusing on his individual internal happiness. He makes his spiritual workout routines and will get a cosmic consciousness (enlightenment). The essence of Christianity is the best way with the twofold appreciate, "Like God (spiritual routines), and enjoy your fellow person (undertaking superior)." This can be one of the simplest ways of a contented and fulfilled everyday living.

33. Webpage of Wands. A young guy appears at his wand. He is a college student. He has to search out his goals of daily life. He has to learn who He's and what his undertaking is. Within the horizon to the proper we see 3 mountains. The mountains (of enlightenment) are the goal of the man.

38. Two of Cash. The sky is light-weight-coloured blue (things aren't much too difficult). On The trail of lifetime a man within a inexperienced dress and with eco-friendly sneakers dances Together with the ups and downs of his life. He wears red trousers, a red belt, a red skirt and a substantial red hat (like and wisdom). He is a fantastic dancer. In his arms he juggles remaining and proper a gold coin. The 2 cash are connected by a inexperienced band, which varieties a horizontal 8.

51. Ace of Cups. From the cloud from the sky a hand seems, supplying us a golden chalice (the Holy Grail). A white dove (the Holy Spirit) originates from heaven and filles us with spiritual Electricity. Through the cup circulation 5 Electrical power streams in a big pond full of lotus flowers. God (the existence) will make us the gift of spiritual purification. Existence presents us the chance to transform into a Buddha / a Goddess (King and Queen of Cash). The dove is holding in its beak a white wafer (Host) by using a cross on it.

fifty. King of Cash. The King of Spirituality sits happy on his throne. He retains a giant golden coin in one hand (he owns the massive treasure of enlightenment) and in the opposite hand a scepter having a crystal ball (residing in God, in a very unity consciousness). He wears a coat with painted crimson grapes and is also surrounded by ripe wine grapes.

32. Ten of Wands. The sky is blue. A powerful male delivers ten massive bars to his dwelling. The person is dressed in green, the best way is environmentally friendly and the home is green. Environmentally friendly is the colour of hope.

He was victorious in his fight. He's satisfied with himself and his lifetime. He has cleaned himself within and understood his bigger self (inner purity, the white horse). He fought for a much better planet and understood the cosmic consciousness (enlightenment, a daily life in God). To that refers the victor´s wreath in the shape of the circle.

21. In the sky appears from a cloud an angel with a trombone. On the trombone can be a flag by using a pink cross with a white background (ego sacrificing, mental cleansing).

After check here any connection with his unenlightened fellow Males he need to spiritually cleanse his head. That's not thoroughly enlightened and operates as a spiritual Instructor has to be familiar with his steps. He really should focus on his have training, connect daily with the enlightened Masters and Test himself on pride, greed, attachment, careerism, and sexual lack of clarity. A real spiritual Grasp is a lot more a beggar than a Buddha. He is anchored from the egolessness and not in the idea to be ​​a fantastic enlightened. He is a lot more a servant of his fellow Males as their king. He life in becoming and giving instead of in eager to be admired.

Tarot wasn't recognized being adopted by mystics, occultists and magic formula societies right until the 18th and 19th centuries. The earliest regarded utilization of tarot playing cards for divination was in Bologna Italy, close to 1750, utilizing a set of divinatory meanings entirely unique from present day divinatory tarot.

ten. A hermit inside of a grey cloak stands on a snowcapped mountain with a lantern in his right hand and an extended staff members in his remaining hand. Close to him is only the blue sky. The man symbolizes a yogi who life and tactics divided from his fellow Adult men.

26. Four of Wands. 4 bars protected which has a garland of flowers stand with a still blank square before a castle. While in the track record we could presently see some individuals rejoice. Two Girls swing bouquets more than The pinnacle. They move from your history of continued the card towards the fairground. But they are not still arrived at their destination. The objective is the spiritual self-realization, enlightenment, living in God. This purpose is indicated via the castle inside the track record. The 2 principal routes into a everyday living in God are the path of common like (executing very good) and The trail of spiritual follow (meditation, psychological function).

A Canine and a wolf are howling on the moon. The most cancers should completely transform himself from an animal into the moon goddess. He has to overcome his animal instincts and to set God (the inner pleasure) into the center of his everyday living. The moon is actually a symbol for a superb instinct. The most cancers follows his instinct (interior wisdom), and therefore finds his way into the light. He has only little toes. He can only go ahead with little measures. Drops of light drop on the earth. The smaller most cancers gets help within the moon goddess.

2. The very best artwork of magic is usually to conjure in the 5 elements earth, fireplace, water, air and ether (Area) the Philosopher's stone. While using the philosopher's stone, you can turn iron (a stressed soul) into gold (an enlightened soul). For the appropriate recipe to the manufacture of gold in the Middle Ages Many individuals were being on the lookout for. All of them failed since they did not recognize that the doctrine continued with the five components can be a psychological process. Gold inside the alchemy is often a condition of consciousness that means internal pleasure.

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